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Chairman, Members & CEO Messages

Welcome to Al Zaid Group, and I would like to take the opportunity to share some ideas. The current economic times is a challenge for our industry. However, within Al Zaid , we are rich in employee and professional experience. This experience and professionalism make us the market leader in the field of Trading and Interior Designing and contracting in the Sultanate of Oman. Al Zaid team is committed to do to maximize the value to our customers. Aims to build lasting alliances with our customers, we offer effective production solutions in terms of cost with leading quality and reliability technology, support professional products and services. We strongly believe that the Secretariat and transparency is the secret of real business success. Institutional strategy includes specific goals about how we our (identify outstanding sites, brand and product policy, organizational structure, etc.) and what are the quantitative targets that we set for ourselves to a time frame medium term (sales volume and gross profit, etc.). Our success is your success. With your Support we will build Al Zaid as a leader in this field. We look forward to great success.


Mr. Said A. Al Zaid

We had started Al Zaid Group International many years ago with only a vision and the best wishes of family and friends.
As a company, we place quality, client satisfaction and contributing to our society as our motto. This motto and belief that we can be the best and do our best to contribute to society has motivated us as a team to achieve outstanding results in our brief history since we started on this journey of making our vision and dream a reality.

Vice Chairman

Mr. Abdullah A. Al Zaid

On behalf of the Boards , it is my distinct honor to represent Al Zaid Trading and be part of the business organization as the 2018-2019.

I’m excited about the plans in place to continue to grow the company and deliver on our goals, strategic plan for our development, and other objectives.

Member of board

Abdullah Salam Ahmed Al Maashani



Al Zaid Group Established in Oman with a burning ambition to succeed. We knew very well that the odds were heavily staked against us. with limited resources, we knew that we could not beat the competition in terms of products, prices or other shows of force. with a never say die spirit along with complete confidence in Oman and the gulf area, the key to our business success and the enduring client relationship that we enjoy is all about caring for our employees and putting them first. we train our employees, and we develop them through a continuous learning process all with the ultimate goal of doing a better job for our customers. we are convinced that we could strengthen our position in the market through our services and satisfaction. When I look back, it gives me immense pleasure and pride to note that we have achieved amazing results – having won and executed many prestigious projects for blue-chip corporate, signed dealership agreements with the world’s most renowned manufacturers and above all, retained and expanded our most important asset – our human resources! All of this was only possible due to our adherence to the aforementioned policies… Policies we will continue to operate with, as long as we exist in business.



Member of Board & CEO

Fady Raad